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Full Version: Error when downloading Asset Author Tools
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Илья Фивейский
After Download and opening with orbolt_url I got an error which screenshoted image is in attachment.
In sas_url_handler.log I got

2013-08-20 22:44:01,246: INFO ———————————————
2013-08-20 22:44:01,246: INFO sas_url_handler starting:
Sorry to hear about your issues.

Can you give us more info to help diagnose the problem?
- operating system
- browser version

Илья Фивейский
Ubuntu 13.04
Firefox 23
This error has been fixed in Houdini 12.5.500.
Илья Фивейский
New error in attachment.
Houdini version 12.5.501.
I have python 2.7.4 (but not older versions) installed and set HOUDINI_PYTHON_VERSION = 2.5 in order to run Houdini (otherwise it tries to use python 2.7.4 and crashes).
Is there a reason for choosing 2.5 instead of 2.6?

Can you try the following:


Mail us the output ( for the following:
- Run hconfig
- Run python from shell
>>>import sys

Илья Фивейский
It works now. Thanks.
hconfig output:
HFS := ‘/opt/hfs12.5.501’
HOME := ‘/home/ilya’
HOUDINI_DESKTOP_DIR := ‘/home/ilya/Desktop’
SHELL := ‘/bin/bash’
USER := ‘ilya’

sys.version output:
'2.6.8 (unknown, Aug 18 2013, 17:29:02) \n'
Well, this 2.6.8 version, in fact I installed it in /usr/local from sources trying to force Houdini to use 2.6 version. It did not and continued to use 2.7 and crashed as it was before installing 2.6 version. So I set HOUDINI_PYTHON_VERSION = 2.5 and it helped (I didn't realize that I can use HOUDINI_USE_HFS_PYTHON then).
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