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I am not sure if I should post it here or the Houdini Engine forum but since it concerns Houdini asset developers, I thought here is more suitable.

Anyway I mentioned this to Orbolt guys when Houdini Engine was out. I wonder if anyone else would like to see the idea of separate pricing for the Houdini Engine or per platform that's on it?

I think it's reasonable to give better deals or give everything away completely free like me for the Houdini folks

But it's another deal for non-native users. If someone wants to use Houdini dynamics without leaving the comfort of their 3d app of choice, they should be able to do so, but at a price SESI sees fit. Which is why I imagine Houdini Engine will have a different price than standalone Houdini. And so should we, as asset developers be able to have this choice as well.

What's your take on this?
The Houdini Engine has its own pricing which you can see on this page: []

A workstation license is available for $495 if you only want to run Engine. This license will run the Houdini Engine in any of the host applications.

Does this answer your concerns?


I was wondering if an asset developer can set different pricing for say Maya or Unity. Right now you only have apprentice and commercial options. IMO it would also be useful to differentiate between Houdini and other 3d apps for pricing.

That way you can set an asset to be free for Houdini but not for Maya for example.
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