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Full Version: Possible to edit multiple objects at same time?
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Just in case, you can set Network View to Treeview mode and multiselect.
Thanks, but it looks that's only a cosmetic solution.

Then I still have to use the dropdown menu to navigate between Materials, Objects, output etc.
Just in case someone else runs into this Tree View thing.

The “following selection” was the culprit. I did not notice it, and it's disabled by default.

Strangely enough this button doesn't seem to have any effect in the Network View.
I get that it's probably a deceivingly tricky thing to achieve due to the nature of Houdini but, maybe they could do it by allowing you to multi select a few edit nodes and edit them at once?

If you can select a node and edit it, you should be able to select multple nodes, have multiple handles shown and edit them as if you did sequentially select and edit them.

That it keeps track of which handle belongs to which node,
the thing that would make it complicated is that the Edit SOP is not edited by the Handle Tool (Enter), but the select tool, so maybe make the select tool work as an ‘extension’ of the handle tool for nodes that require the select tool as their main feature.. in this way the select tool becomes an kind of handle?

just some thoughts
I'm suspecting that this is a tricky thing to implement because one can't dive in at SOP lvl for multiple objs at once, currently. And this is what's actually required in order to edit two or more objs at once, essentially.
It may be the case that a fundamental change in the way Houdini works, has to be made in order to have this feature, hence its absence thus far.
Hopefully a dev will join this thread and clarify this for us.
You can actually edit multiple sop nodes at once but it's something that is particularly easy. No idea why because it's really handy.

Here's my toolbar for that in case anyone is interested -
#Get all nodes under the current selection
ChildSOPs = []
for node in hou.selectedNodes():
    for child in node.allSubChildren():
#Make a list of unique types
seen = set()
UniqueSOPs = []
UniqueSOPsSorted = []
for SOP in ChildSOPs:
    if SOP.type().name() not in seen:

#Added this to allow Object Level nodes to be selected
SelectedNodes = []
for node in hou.selectedNodes():
    if node.type().name() not in seen:      

#Choose the node type you want to edit
UniqueSOPsSorted = sorted(UniqueSOPs,key=str.lower)
input = hou.ui.selectFromList(UniqueSOPsSorted, message="Select Node Type!")
if (len(input) == 0):
    print "Cancelled"
    #Multi Select the nodes!
    for SOP in ChildSOPs:
        if (UniqueSOPsSorted[input[0]] == SOP.type().name()):
    for OBJ in SelectedNodes:
        if (UniqueSOPsSorted[input[0]] == OBJ.type().name()):
Thanks for sharing,
I worked on some code the last days to adres my specific problem. (mentioned in the link beneath)

I used viewer states and node event callbacks, if anyone is interested: []’sedit-sops-of-a-network-at-the-same-time
Oh wow that's awesome!
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