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Full Version: Houdini 5.5 and Nvidia Quadro4 700XGL
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My box sometimes slows down when running houdini (when I maximize view panes most of the times) When I use some specific settings it causes
parts of the interface to desapear (popup menus, most of the times)

I have a Dell 340 with a Nvidia Quadro4 700XGL. Does anyone knows what is the best settings for the card to work with Houdini?

Thanx a lot

Andre Souza
I don't have quite as fancy nVidia board but with nVidia Detonator 40.72 driver and build 197 of Houdini 5.5, stability, performace, all have improved. Actually is very very stable with this combination. In Settings under Windows Display Properties, under OpenGL there should be setting for Maya, Softimage, IDEAS, etc… Just choose Maya.

If the presets slots ar eempty here are my OpenGL settings
Default Color Depth For Textures: Use Desktop Color
Buffer Flipping Mode: Auto-select
Vertical Sync: On By Default
Anisotropic filtering: Enabled

Dave Rindner
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