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Full Version: Review time for new tools !
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Sadjad Rabiee
How much does it last to review new uploaded tool in the Orbolt library ?
I uploaded a new tool too many days ago , and I waiting to review !

Specially thanks
You would get better and faster results if you email:
Sadjad Rabiee
You would get better and faster results if you email:

Really thanks dear pusat , I should do that
Sadjad Rabiee
Dear pusat , I used your great VEX deformer tools , they are really useful.
But I have another question , Your VEX nodes are closed in the VOP SOP and we can't dive inside to it for editing it's nodes.
I like to know how can I do that for my Tools ?
is it Copy Protected feature ?
I wanna lock internal nodes and Network , But users can use my tools on other systems (just with copy otl on other systems) without any need to redownload it via Orbolt !
How can I do that ? :?
The VEX deformers are all open. Only a very few of my operators are locked like Best Fit Plane SOP: []

If this is what you are asking, then yeah it uses the Copy Protected feature. Though it only prevents diving inside the network. AFAIK there is no way to protect your code if your operator is a VOP node by itself or are using one inside the subnet. People can read the code of this.

So standalone VEX based ops like SOPs are not protected. The only reasons the code you might use inside Wrangle nodes is protected is because you can't dive inside the subnet.
Sadjad Rabiee
Oh , Yes , I can see your codes in the "Edit Operator Type Properties –> Code" (Twist VOP) , So there is no way :?

Specially thanks for your helps
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