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<beginner question>
Can anybody tell me a convenient way of creating hemispheres in Houdini? I tried creating a sphere, then ‘blasting’ half of it away, but unless the sphere is created as polygons this does not seem to be possible, and the polygons (triangles) are not conveniently laid out for accuracy.
</beginner question>

Thanks for any help,

I got the answer - apply a convert sop to the polygonal sphere, then I can blast.
Hi there,

Append a Clip SOP if you are using Polygon or Mesh spheres. For Nurbs spheres, use a Carve SOP.

Thanks Steven,

Nurbs spheres look better than the others, but I always have trouble with them when it comes to attaching or extruding more geometry - in this case the hemisphere is part of a lampshade which has a flared hole in the top and the bottom edge is folded in 2mm all around. Extruding and smoothing polygons is getting me close, but still it would be nice to have a nurbs surface for the shade.

Is there something special or limiting about nurbs that I should know? (Sorry again if this sounds lazy - I reading as much as I can…)

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