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I'm trying to connect the maximum no. of segments in a resample OP to the no. of divisions in a grid OP. Is there documentation inside Houdini with all variable and channel names not just the odd one in the pdf docs. Is there a command I can run to discover them?

Thanks very much for all replies.

The Henster
I've done similar things.

What works for me is to right click on the parameter you want to copy and select “Copy Parameter”

Then go to the OP you want to link it to, right click the approriate parameter and select “Paste Copied Reference”

Now whatever the copied parameter is set to will trickle down into the parameter you've pasted into.

To find the internal names for specific parameters all you have to do is look at the operator's help by clicking the question mark at the top of it's parameters page or type ophelp <operatorname> in a textport.

For instance, the maximum number of segments in a resample OP named ‘resample1’ within an object named ‘geo1’ would be:

/obj/geo1/resample1/segs or even ../resample1/segs whithin the object.

Hope this helps
works a treat.

Cheers for that

The Henster
Also, for the docs, check out the “Expression Language” pdf and look at Chapter 5 - Channel/Operator Expression Functions. This is the repository for all this stuff.
However, they've added a lot of nice drag n' drop things like what Michael suggested that makes common operations faster than digging thru docs for syntax stuff…


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