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with apprentice master 5.5.208 i seem to have crashes on a regular basis when using the channel editor while in the object state and doing character/bones animation. i've never experienced this problem before in the prior builds, so just wondering if anybody has had the same problem.
Using 5.5.208 on RedHat 7.3 mostly, and I haven't had any major problems animating skeletons with the channel editor open… knock on wood.
I can second that here - we're using Linux RH7.3 with Houdini 5.5.208, and one of our animators has been doing extensive animations with the channel editor open with nary a crash. I'm guessing - but you running Windows? It may be a windows/graphics issue…

Report it to SESI with all your OS/graphics card info, since I haven't noticed any mention of a fix for something like this in the journal…


yeah sorry, i'm running windows2000 with a geforce2mx which has the softquadro treatment. but like i said, i've never had this problem with prior builds….strange.
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