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Full Version: Asset not coocking unreal 4.7.4
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Any asset I`m try to import or create does not cook inside unreal 4.7.4
anyone got the same problem ?
I just tried 4.7.4 and all of my assets seem to work same as 4.7.3. Can you provide more details?

For example:
1. What kind assets are you trying to import?
2. What do you mean by “does not cook”? Does the 3D Houdini logo appear and is never replaced by the cooked result or does nothing appear when you drag your asset into the scene? Or something else fails?
I have tried to import most simple sop asset of box with scale parameter :-)
the 3D Houdini logo appear and is never replaced by the cooked result.

but now when I opened new project it seem to work.

1.I`m not sure what is the difference between sop and geo level asset when
we talk about unreal domain… i`m create asset that waits for geometry to work on.
for example i have 3d object inside unreal and i want to scatter points on it using asset from Houdini.
Weird. Maybe you installed Houdini while Unreal was running? Not sure why a restart would fix it but glad it works now.

As for your questions:
1. In Unreal (or Houdini Engine in general) there is no difference between a SOP asset and an OBJ asset. OBJ assets are instantiated as-is in the root /obj/ and the parameters are parsed and displayed in Unreal. SOP assets are instantiated inside a dummy OBJ assets and the parameters of the SOP node itself get exposed (not the parameters of the dummy OBJ). Inputs for either OBJ or SOP appear in the inputs section.

2. Any SOP asset with a SOP input (or more) will have the input(s) be listed in the Input section above the parameters. You can drag a native Unreal mesh in there as input. For OBJ assets, HE looks for SOP Path type parameters and assumes those are geometry inputs and lists them under this Inputs section.
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