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yutaka ono
I am new to Houdini and Houdini Engine.

I'd like load alembic file in UE4 by using Houdini Engine. I could successfully create such .hda but generated mesh in UE4 doesn't move at all. If I load the same .hda in Maya, the mesh does move.
Is it possible to load alembic animation in UE4? If it isn't, are you planning to support it?

Thanks in advance.

The plugin does not support animation at the moment. The plugin is still in beta and we have a long list of features / improvements in mind, animation is definitely one of them.

Thank you!
This would be a game changer if we could render alembics using ue4
Hello, we recently added support for cooking while in PIE (play-in-editor) mode. This change will perform cooking on a given asset every frame (while in PIE) and would technically allow you to render animations. This worked relatively well with our simple asset tests.

Please note, this, however, will not work in a packaged game as we do not support runtime solution at this moment.
I was wondering if there was an update on the animated alembic playback, PIE or packaged game.

If it's not working yet, is there another option for playing back per-frame geometry in UE4? We have a simulated fluid that we converted into a mesh per frame. It's fairly light, the .abc is under 50MB.

I exported an .hda with the alembicArchive node and in UE4, I just get the default logo object.

Any info is greatly appreciated.
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