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Full Version: [Resolved] Pre-built DLL not compatible with Github versions
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Mike K
When I try to load the pre-compiled plugin .DLL with any compiled version of UE4 from Github, I am getting an error that the plugin is not compatible with that version of UE4. I tried both the tagged 4.7.3. and 4.7.6 releases from Github. I am using the “Development Editor” build to compile UE4.

But when I use the pre-compiled plugin .DLL with the official 4.7.6 release, it loads without issue.

Is the pre-compiled .DLL simply not compatible with the GitHub versions?

EDIT: I figured out how to get it to work. First, I loaded the official version 4.7.6 editor and went to the Help > About Unreal Editor menu. After the main version number (4.7.6) is the engine build number. For the official 4.7.6 release the build is 2513093.

Then, I opened up the Source/Runtime/Launch/Resources/Version.h file on my Github clone. Changed both the ENGINE_VERSION and BUILT_FROM_CHANGELIST defines to 2513093. Re-built the source and the pre-compiled DLL now works from github source!
Mike K
I've since discovered that any arbitrarily high build number will work, it doesn't have to match the official release (in fact it's probably better if it doesn't match to distinguish it as a non-official build). I've started using 9999999 as my build number.

Yes; we've ran into some of these issues as well. Our build system will patch the version numbers for both 4.7 and 4.8 to make sure they are “compatible” with “official” build of UE4 installed through Epic's UE4 installer.

Please file a bug with us should you find that one of our binaries is not loading / working with official distributed UE4.

Thank you!
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