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Full Version: Import Pyro simulation in UE4
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Antonio Cappiello
Hi guys,

Do you know how to export a pyro simulation from Houdini and import it into UE4?

I'm a beginner with UE4 so I'm wondering if there's a specific procedure to do that.

Steven Burrichter
Hey there!

UE4 currently has no method for viewing voxel data. So at its core, you won't be able to get a pyro simulation from Houdini to UE4. Trying to stream data alone would likely cause the engine to chug.

The best way to utilize a pyro sim is to render it out to a texture and use UE4's built in particle system editor (cascade) to create a fire effect.

Perhaps in the future Nvidia will get this working and public: []

Would be neat to try to hook pyro sim data into that =]
Antonio Cappiello
Hey Steven!
thank you so much for your answer =]

Too bad UE4 doesn't have any method for viewing voxel data yet. I was making a search and I found out this video about 3D volume texture used for making the explosion in the game “Infiltrator”: []

That looks pretty cool, though I don't know exactly how to get the texture sheet from Houdini (I mean that grid with all the explosion “steps”).

Have you tried this method? (or maybe it's what you meant in your reply?) if so could you please give me more precise steps? It would help me a lot.

Thx so much
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