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Can we sell python scripts in Orbolt ?

As far as I've read, it seems to allow only hda's ?
I'm out here! I don't know much about Python, or specifics of Orbolt, though; I've only put up one asset before.

That said, if you're okay with users seeing the script code, you can probably just wrap it in something like a non-encrypted example asset and then people can use it as they see fit. Another alternative would be to try to find some way to expose all of the functionality of the script in an asset, which can be a big challenge for some things, but may be doable, if you provide some way for users to indicate what they want the script to do.

For example, (although I've made them with being assets in mind), I've written a couple assets that I'm getting closer to posting that do a gigantic amount of parsing of user input in VEX to decide what to do. They have about 2,500 lines of VEX code (combined) at the moment, and I'm okay with people seeing the code, but I'm trying to make them complete enough that people won't have to look inside. (Not many people would want to wade through that much VEX code anyway, especially VEX code that's this complicated.)
Thanks. The way I'd like to publish my tool is through a zip file where I'd have a couple of scripts and instructions to pop up a window from a shelf button.

I think I'll take a look at how to publish independently.
There is python sops and you could put python into the scripts section of an HDA. Then you could execute the script via button parameters or just use the HDA as a network node. And as far as I know, you can lock a digital asset so a user cannot look inside. It's a bit of refactoring work, but you can put any tool into a digital asset form.

Also note, a node (HDA) that does the same thing as a shelf-tool is always better, because a node can be part of a procedural network, while a shelf-tool is part of a manual workflow. (The tool has to be clicked to do something and probably has to be clicked again, if something changes, the node can be part of a changing network without additional manual intervention.)
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