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Full Version: Curve -> cook -> model appears in 0,0,0
Root » Houdini Engine for Unreal » Curve -> cook -> model appears in 0,0,0
Is it ok that when hda contain something based on a curve then this part of a model sspawns in 0,0,0 coords? So to see correct result i have to place hda instance to 0,0,0 -> cook -> replace. I thought that im doing something wrong until i downloaded this asset which has the same issue. []

Thanks for reporting - this looks like a bug! I will take a look at it asap.

I confirmed the issue and filed a bug # 74901 .
You can also track progress regarding this feature at []
Just a note on this:

The issue is that curve inputs are created in world space in Houdini but they are tied to the asset in UE4. This presents a mismatch of how geometry inputs to a SOP asset work. It's a bit of a workflow issue, for sure, that should be fixed at some point. Unfortunately, that's not trivial to do at this point.

There is a relatively simple workaround that should fix this issue. You have to change your asset to be an OBJ asset.

You can do this by marking your instantiated SOP asset as editable and then creating a new asset out of the OBJ that contains your SOP. For each of your SOP inputs, you have to create an Object Merge SOP for which you expose the Object 1 parameter to the top level of your new asset. For curve inputs, you have to make sure the Transform parameter on the Object Merge SOP is set to None.
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