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Greetings -
I'm using HDA assets from Houdini 15.0 and trying to load the assets into UE4 10.4.

The plug-in is present. I can pull in the asset. However, I get a quest for a Houdini Engine license:
I open the options and I find that the I have lost contact with the license server.
I try to change the license server but the interface will not allow me.

We have ample “Education” and “Engine” licenses but when I try to access through UE4 I loose total contact with the license server.

Any suggestions?
Howdy Folks -
This is not the best solution but it as at least working.
I uninstalled UE4 and Houdini then reinstalled them in that order.

Now UE4 brings in properly built assets just fine. I tested with the spooky staircase .

I'm not sure what changed but it seems to work now.

Moving forward procedurally!
Thanks for posting this and thanks for posting the work around! I have not encountered this issue, but it does seem like a bug. Please file a bug with SideFX if you have time
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