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Has anyone managed to build the UE4 plugin for linux? …or are there still some serious obstacles in the way?
It should compile, but it has not been tested in any way, since there is no official support. You will basically have to do it yourself, but since you are on Linux you are probably used to it already
I did try this a while back and there was some issue… but I can't even remember now what it was.

I'll give it another go with 4.12.

Should it be enough just to add “Linux” to the “WhitelistPlatforms” in the HoudiniEngine.uplugin file?

I've never built it, but I think that's how it would work. Let me know what you run into, I am curious.
Ok - got it building and managed to load an asset in UE too!

Attached is a git-diff of my hacky tweaks.
Thanks olliRJL! I added your diff to the Unreal plugin. It's not official Linux support but your changes were pretty simple so at least now it will build for people who want to experiment. Cheers!
Ok - cool!

In case you were wondering what that weird “bool why_am_i_here = HAPI_PARAM_EXECUTE_RETURN;” hack was… I did that to work around some “expression result unused (-Werror,-Wunused-value)” compiler errors. I didn't give it that much thought but it seemed like that original line in the macro unfolded to “false;” on some calls.

And if someone was stimulated by this and attempts to build the plugin it's good to note that you should have your $HFS variable properly set to point to the houdini install location in your build environment.

Hey guys,

Could you provide build instructions?

Bruno Kindt
Also able to build on Linux (same issue as olliRJL)

Fedora 24
clang version 3.6.2
houdini 15.5.632
UE 4.13.2-0
HoudiniEngineForUnreal branch Houdini15.5-Unreal4.13

After cloning HoudiniEngineForUnreal into Engine/Plugins/Runtime/HoudiniEngine run

mono Engine/Binaries/DotNET/UnrealBuildTool.exe Linux Development UE4Editor -module HoudiniEngineRuntime
mono Engine/Binaries/DotNET/UnrealBuildTool.exe Linux Development UE4Editor -module HoudiniEngineEditor

- If the plugin build throws an `expression result unused ` error add the following code to `Source/HoudiniEngineRuntime/Private/HoudiniAssetInput.cpp` above the first `HOUDINI_CHECK_ERROR_EXECUTE_RETURN`.
#pragma clang diagnostic ignored “-Wunused-value”
- Before running UE set the $HFS variables.

Issues so far (no time yet to compare this on Window) :

- In UE keep the Houdini Digital Assets ‘transform > mobility’ on ‘movable’. Changing mobility will remove the ‘Content/houdini_default_material.uasset’ file from the plugin directory.
- In houdini do not use spaces in ‘Operator Label’ when creating a digital asset. This will give a ‘LogHoudiniEngine: Cancelling asset instantiation - unable to retrieve asset names.’ in UE.
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