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Full Version: Animated texture from Houdini to Unreal Engine
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I've got a houdini asset with a procedural texture applied to it(noise shader), I have then stored the Cd values of the vertices inside a shader(SHOP network), the asset is then loaded into Unreal engine, the texture appears inside unreal correctly but it does not animate, how can i store for every frame in the houdini timeline the texture update so that it comes across in unreal?
I've tried and tested a method using a baked texture and then bringing that into unreal as a texture atlas but i wanted to see if there was a more direct way from houdini to unreal?
any help would be much appreciated

The Houdini Engine plugin for Unreal does not support animations coming from Houdini at the moment, at least not in the editor or at runtime in a game. The atlas is your best bet at this time.
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