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Full Version: Cached simulation to Unreal via H-engine
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Angel Negron
Hello friends,

I am wondering if there is way to have a cached particle animation in Houdini. (particle do stuff.$
play its full cached animation in unreal. via HDA

could it be a file and H-engine could call in the positions/orientation in the cache?

or could it be another extension that it will play all of the animation?

how should i cache and in which extension?

its about 195K of points and we are concerned how to get it into unreal. with copy(sop) geo(simple oval) on each point.

I need your guidance.

Angel Negron
Thanks Andr1

not sure how to use the girhub thing. I'm a total newb to that level of complexity.
but i will try to alembic in Unreal. Hopefully that works.
Angel Negron
Alembic crashes Unreal. might be too heavy of an alembic file.
the vertex-animation-tool seems to crash mid-way/
Look into GPU particles. Basically you could do this stuff in Unreal and use Houdini to create a vector-field to control the particles. - Depends on what you are doing, of course.
Alternatively something like: []
or []
might work.
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