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Full Version: Vertex animation of fluid simulations
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Hi guys,
I'd like to import a vertex animation of a fluid simulation inside UE4. My idea is to convert the particles into geometry and then export it. The issues that I need to solve are the followings:

. Keep the same number of vertices during the simualation
. For each point keep its position during the simulation (so avoid the offset of the points frame by frame)

Do you have some ideas for solving it?

Thank you
Hey there!

That's a pretty wide topic with multiple solutions, but limiting it to the approach you seem to be taking here are my thoughts. One note is that this is highly dependent on the sim itself, so some solutions will work better than others.

I would try to find a frame in time where the sim is the most “average”
Turn that into geo like you said and save that off as your game mesh.
The key is to use the Ray Sop to project the game mesh on the simulation, this will cause the points to just project down into the mesh and not get carried with the sim, which solves problem 2

In theory this would work perfectly for something like a river or a ocean. You can then take the mesh after the ray and either export that out to alembic, joints or textures.

Hope that helps!
Hi Ikruel,

Thank you so much for your answer and your advice. I'm definitely going to try your way!

Best regards,
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