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Full Version: Models keep resetting after UE4 reload
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HI There, my first post:

so far I enjoy playing with the digital assets creation. I noticed one thing that I´m unable to describe well because it´s random:

- when I load my HDA assets into unreal, create a scene with them, change parameters, everything works as expected
- the I save the scene, close UE4
- after reopening of UE4 and reloading the scene some houdini objects, yes not evey object, just some (and after every reopen they are different) are “vulnerable” to parameter change - if I change any parameter they reset, just the altered parameter stays correct
- after they´re reset, I can again change any parameter and save the scene, but after reopen the problem is back

hope I didn´t confuse anyone with the description and someone already has a solution for this. to be hones I´m not sure if the problem is the HDA (my setup) or UE4

using UE4 4.12 and the newest houdini engine plugin

be good and thanks

What sort of parameters are being reset? If possible, it would be helpful to log a bug and attach your HDA: []
All of the parameters are beeing reset. I´m attaching the HDA (it happens with all of the HDAs). there are also other things: some of the placed models cannot be copied, the ctrl+c / v doesn´t work, alt+drag just deselects the object. when closed and reopened (whole ue4 not just the scene, the models are there, but when selected and any of the parameters is changed, all of the parameters reset).
please check the HDA if there is something wrong with that, I have made almost 100 combinations that are working well in houdini, also in maya, but ue4 is a problem.

I send it as a bug report too
The curious thing is that nobody reports this problem but it happens an all of the digital assets I test on the UE4, mine or downloaded from the internet. I reinstalled UE4, reinstalled houdini, nothing changed.
This should be fixed in the latest build of the plugin.
Hi Skyform,
As chris said, the parameter reset bug was fixed last week, and the latest build of the plug-in should have the copy/duplication bug resolved too.
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