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Full Version: Updating an existing baked mesh instead of creating a new one
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I'm trying to figure out the best practice for generating meshes through an hda. Let's say I want to fracture an in-game asset using an hda. Currently I'm baking out the resulting mesh. But if I want to make changes to the fracture settings and bake it out again, it creates a new asset instead of updating the existing one. Is there a way to change this workflow? I'm spending a lot of time cleaning up iterations of the asset I'm not using.

I found this thread from a year ago but I don't know if anything has been changed. []

There's been no change since that last thread. Unfortunately I don't know of any workaround, but I've added your complaint to the todo list.

I'm thinking it might make sense if you have an asset selected in the content browser when you press ‘bake’, it will prompt to overwrite the selected asset instead of creating a new one.
Maybe it would be best to be able to generate things with a specific name (that might already be possible). And then you could tick a box that says something like: override existing bake (with same name).
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