I was playing around with some orbolt assets last night, and I would like to figure out how to approximate them in UE4.

The lightning effect, i'm sure can be made into a little sprite sheet. However, i'm not sure about the beam effect. I tried to export an FBX of the beam, but no cigar. (UE4 wouldn't import it)

In my head, the idea is there is a machine above the crystal and it is sucking energy out of it. So, i only need like 3 or 4 frames and they could just loop back and forth, i think. I was also thinking, perhaps i could have the beam be a cylinder and just export it as a texture somehow?

Anybody have thoughts on this? thanks

here is the pyro asset i was using from the orbolt store:

https://orbolt.com/asset/SideFX::pyrojetexhaust [orbolt.com]