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Full Version: Question about how HDA and Houdini Engine works
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Hi !

I'm currently working on a procedural game in Unreal for a student project, and we're making some assets via Houdini, and I was wondering if you guys could help me.

I saw in a past topic that is impossible to access HDA's parameters in Unreal.
So, if I have for example a procedural bridge which was done in Houdini and if I want to generate a level with that bridge that is always different at each game session, I need to have different instances of this bridge, let's say one with two columns and the other with three columns. So, I need to bake two bridges with those parameters and make a blueprints that it can pick on those randomly ?

I'm not sure if I'm very understandable but I'm trying to understand how Unreal Engine works for my project !

Best regards,
You're correct that the plug-in does not support cooking content at runtime. Your description of randomizing a complete bridge actor sounds fine. Another approach may be to bake out the pieces of the bridge that can be swapped out and then attaching them together in a random fashion at runtime using sockets for example.
Thanks chrisgreb for your reply !

The other approach you're talking is kinda a modular modeling approach right ?
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