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Full Version: H16 Heightmap to UE4 no erosion?
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I cant seem to get my heightmap to save out as HDA and keep the erosion settings, ive read other posts and i cant seem to fix my problem, i also would like to have multiple erosion layers so that i can have different levels of erosion such as big rivers, then the smaller erosion from rain fall and land slides etc.

No matter what i do i cant seem to get erosion to be built within ue4

As the heightfield erosion node is a simulation, the result of the erosion is dependant of the Frame in Houdini.
However, when in Unreal, you cannot control or change the frame.

The trick for this is to create a timeshift node right after the erosion node.
This node allows you to “fake” the time used by the node in its input (using the frame parameter).

I've attached a simple HDA that will show you this.
let me get a copy of my HDA it uses multiple timeshift nodes, and even with the hda you provided i use in ue4 and as soon as i use erosion ue4 crashes
here is a copy

Good news, the erosion on your asset is working fine for me (it's a little long to cook due to all those erosion though).

What version of Houdini are you using?
Earlier 16.0 versions had issues when importing eroded heightfields, that would make them crash on import (unreal didn't like landscape layer with a dot in their name, like flowmap.x )

And I fixed a pretty nasty bug today that caused crashes in the unreal plug-in
(that bug was in the 16.0.571 - 576 plugins).
This will be fixed in tomorrow's daily build (16.0.577)

You can also update Houdini to the latest production build (16.0.557).
houdini fx 504.20 i believe, not 100 percent sure and i have been using what ever engine works with 4.14, as that where all my assets are for the game im working with, every time i update it i get compatibility errors so im not really sure what i should do now, i am currently updating to the latest daily build. maybe i just had a problem with the last one before 557, wish me luck, ill get back to you on my results
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