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Full Version: Texture sheet issue normal map issue.
Root » Houdini Engine for Unreal » Texture sheet issue normal map issue.
Hey guys,
Is there a way to force the normal map render from the texture sheet node to be in linear color space? Also the blue channel appears to be coming out perfectly white. Are there fixs for this aside from converting the color space and reconstructing the blue channel from the other two in another software packages?
Ok, well I fixed the blue channel issue if anyone is interested. It just creates it from the other 2 channels rather than working with the rendered blue values.

Just set this up in your Texture_sheet/Compositing/VOPCOP2Filter1. This is dependent on the other two channels being correct and revealed a new issue: Even when you take the image out of sRGB, the green channel is pointing down a bit as if it's looking at the base of the camera lens rather than the center. This means that all of the sprite sheet renders will look like they are leaning toward you a bit. You can test it yourself by rendering out a sphere and sampling the colors across the surface.
Thanks Landerb! I'll take a look at these!
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