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Full Version: HOUDINI4SOFTIES: “Rigging a Cable Carrier in XSI and in Houdini”
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Hi there,
this is a little walk trough of a setup I´ve build for a visualization project both in XSI and in Houdini using a similar approach and more or less similar tools. Nothing fancy though, but maybe useful. The setup is based on a bend-deformed grid and instantiated geometry on particles.


Will check it out, CHeers!
Cool video owei, the bit about using a circle or add point on a wrangle was useful to me thanks!
So, it is in fact a lot easier in Softimage?
Sorry to arrive so late to the party… using a wrangle to create the point and transfer the normal, just 5 nodes in total… I hope this helps understand a different approach.

BTW, your circle + add method is nice but this is faster and easier I think.

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