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I've updated my curve deform asset
and in the process of trying to push the change to Orbolt I'm having several troubles:

- When I click and upload an otlc it takes me to what it seems, a new asset page, doesn't feel like it's an update, since all the info, description, screenshots tags, etc are gone. Is this how it's supposed to be or I should be seeing all the current asset's information?
- If it is defaulting to a new asset, this means that people that bought the previous version will miss out, right?

- If I disregard the above and fill out the info and submit I get this error of the hipfile:
“You cannot create the otl file with Apprentice and the hip file with commercial version.”
This is odd because both the otlc and the hiplc are on the same license level.
I did create the original asset when I had Houdini Apprentice and how I have Indie. But I thought once uploaded to Orbolt that didn't matter. One thing to note though is that usually when saving in houdini I produce hda/hdalc not otl/otlc, this otlc came from Houdini online conversion tool, when I upgraded and wanted to have access to my personal assets.

I don't feel much in control in Orbolt, and since it's slow to iterate, I'm not really sure what I'm submitting will result into.
Thanks in advance for any help
So… is there anyone out there using Orbolt in a iterative fashion to distribute development goodies?

Hi, just letting you know we replied to you yesterday through the Orbolt message system. The reason why the upload a new file for this asset took you a new asset page and didn't feel like an update to retain your previous asset information, was because the namespace of the asset had changed and therefore the system would consider it as a completely separate new asset. When the namespace stays the same on the upload, it will know it's an iterative update by showing beside the title and retain the information from the previous asset version.

Can you try uploading with the previous namespace and let us know if you run into any further problems?
Hi, I'm also trying to update an asset that I uploaded.
I got to this thread because I also got to the New Asset page after I uploaded my updated HDA.

I checked my asset namespace that is currently up on orbolt:

The asset that I was uploading was named like this:

So after reading the recommendation to match namespaces, I changed my asset naming to this:
Where the only difference is the version at the end.

But after uploading the HDA file, it still took me to the New Asset page.

As a last resort, I renamed my asset exactly the same as before.. re-uploaded that assed.. and it worked!

My question now is, should I avoid using versioning at the end whenever uploading to Orbolt?
Or is there actually a way to update an asset with my versioning intact?
Last time I checked changing the versions will result in a new asset entry on orbolt. I actually used this to my advantage when I wanted to upload my deformer framework which had VOP and SOPs with the same name except they different in contexts of course.

But to Orbolt contexts do not differentiate an asset, so I had to upload VOPs as 1.00 and SOPs as 2.00 to bypass this limitation.

This is a step back from the Houdini design IMO.
Hi Animatrix, if I understand you correctly, you had uploaded two assets named something like this:
  1. deformer::1.00
  2. deformer::2.00
#1 is for the VOP context
#2 is for the SOP context

If that is the case, if for example you update Deformer::1.00 on Orbolt, the name should stay the same (for Orbolt to update properly). But Orbolt's display version would now show v2.
I find that it can indeed be somewhat confusing.

Maybe it would nice to have Orbolt include and allow MAJOR.MINOR versioning options.
This way, we could continue using the namespace versioning in the asset.

The idea stemmed mainly from seeing the Flip Solver DOP.

(and a couple of other nodes)

I set the Operator Type Manager to Display Menu of All Definitions

With that, I noticed how SideFX was able to create a new flipsolver:2.0, and still have the option to change it back to the old flipsolver. So I simlpy tried to follow with this convention.

With regards to having nodes for different contexts, HDAs allows for having paths like these:
But unfortunately, last I recall, Orbolt also does now allow multiple assets within a single HDA.. so i guess that really is a bit of a restriction. I feel you on this.

Jeff Lim
My question now is, should I avoid using versioning at the end whenever uploading to Orbolt?
Or is there actually a way to update an asset with my versioning intact?

Hi, we replied to you through the Orbolt messaging system. Great asset BTW! We would advise to avoid using versioning at the end when uploading to Orbolt as the system will do that automatically for you. You can update your current asset galagast::heightfield_terracelerp::1.1 with the versioning intact, but then it will get confusing for users in the future as they will see 1.1 as a suffix but the Orbolt iteration will show as Version 2 or Version 3, etc.

It would be better if you upload the asset without the versioning at the end so any subsequent uploads will be automatically indicated as iterations through our system.

Let us know if you have any further questions!
Hi thank you for the reply!
I got the message from the Orbolt messaging system and just finished replying to it.

I will follow your advice and re-upload the asset.

In addition I have also requested for the current asset to be removed because I can't seem to find a way to delete it myself from the Orbolt website.

Jeff Lim
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