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i wanted to ask if there are already some things we can learn about from the GameDev Tools that will be available in Houdini 16.5

In the last presentation Luiz and Mike gave at SIGGRAPH we got a little roadmap on whats to come:

AutoUpdating deployment
Examples and Samples

as well as

Animation Decomposition
Pivot Painter (already out i think)
Imposter Tools
Destruction/Fracturing Workflows

In the new teaser for 16.5 i saw “New GameDev Tools” at the very end of the teaser at the end of the “credits”.
Is there maybe something we can already hear about?

All the best!
The info we gave at SIGGRAPH is still accurate. If you're interested to see what we're working on the best place to look is in the development branch of the GitHub repo. []

Thanks for the quick answer, Mike!

I know its a little embarrassing, but GitHub is kinda hard for me to understand.

Hopefully that AutoUpdate Button finds its way into 16.5
That Update button WILL find its way into 16.5 as a replacement of the current Games Shelf (that is horribly out of date)

And yeah Pivot Painter is already out, Mike is putting out the impostor tools soon and I'm working on some workflows for mesh reduction based on the new PolyReduce and UV Layout
Thanks for the update Luiz!

All of you do amazing work! Happy to hear about the new tools and that Update button!
Thanks so much!
Hey, saw your livestream on the unreal twitch, hadn't actually heard of these tools before then, they look super usefull. I attempted to download and install the development branch from Github but I can't seem to get it working. The read me seems almost too simple for the install. I'm working on windows. as i understand it, the install process is:

1. Download the toolset zip file
2. unzip it into the Houdini installation directory (C:\Users\username\Documents\houdini16.0)
3. this creates a “GameDevelopmentToolset-Development” folder in the houdini16 folder
4. I then modify the line in the .env file that was in the zip file from:
HOUDINI_PATH = PATH_TO_YOUR\GameDevelopmentToolset;&
HOUDINI_PATH = C:\Users\username\Documents\houdini16.0\GameDevelopmentToolset-Development
5. Then I copy that modified .env file into my installation directory (C:\Users\username\Documents\houdini16.0)

This is following the read me that is in the zip file downloaded from Github, and it isn't working. I have no idea how the houdini .env file works or environment variables in general, so i'm sure i'm missing something obvious.

any help would be appreciated. thanks!
I just clicked the ‘Update Toolset’ on the ‘Game Development Shelf Toolshelf’ on MacOS and it installs automatically. Just restart Houdini.
ok nvm, i tried it using the github clone method and got it to work, not sure what i was doing wrong before.
I just clicked the ‘Update Toolset’ on the ‘Game Development Shelf Toolshelf’ on MacOS and it installs automatically. Just restart Houdini.

Also works for Windows version.
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