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Full Version: Beginners Problems, rendering with alpha in 16.5 and creating surface hit effects.
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I'm in a bit of a stressful situation, and need some help. I'm working at a small Swedish game studio arrowheadgamestudios [] as a new and the only vfx artist. I used to be be an 3d artist that turned in to a level/world-designer, so I'm a newb and have no technical knowledge and very little code understanding. The studio is looking for a real vfx artist and a technical artist, but until then I'm alone.
The studio bought Houdini for me to be able to create all the flippbooks for many of the effects we will need.
And there is just so few tutorials out there that shows how to create things from start to finish when it comes to game effects, except the few but excellent Andreas Glad tutorials out there.

So to my first problem, after I followed the “HoudiniVFX for Games” on pluralsight I noticed I can't render out images with an alpha channel, I get vertical lines all over the picture I found this to happen with anything I tried to render, it didn't matter if I use tga or png. I also tried to use the GameDev Texture Sheets rop, but same thing happens. Anyone knows what can be happening and how to fix it?

Second problem, anyone know of a tutorial or a way to make sweet surface hit effects from bullets, hitting sand, dirt, gravel and so on?
Hey there!

The vertical lines was a bug that got introduced recently, but has been fixed. Try grabbing a latest build and seeing if that helps

For the bullet hit, there's a really good Applied Houdini series and one of the videos talks about doing just that []

Hope this helps


Thanks for the fast reply, will update and check out those tutorials.
I seem to be experiencing similar issues with vertical lines on packed texture sheets, despite grabbing 16.5.320 this morning. Is this known to be an ongoing issue, or am I possibly just doing this wrong?
That bug has reappeared. We're looking at it. As a workaround you can export the map to exr. Open the exr in mplay and save it as a tga.

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