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Hi all,

We'll be adding a thread for each Illume webinar. If we didn't get to your question during the live session you can re-post it here, or ask any follow-up questions.

Since no other topics are appearing here anyway, I will ask here.
In “Proceduralism in Motion Graphics — Jeff Wagner” Jeff said (00:45) about Houdini Photogrammetry tools (it's even written on the screen). What tools were he talking about exactly? Especially he said what “… Louis has added a really cool tool to do that, it's abasing” after describing the algorithm of separating different frequency details and so on.

The thing is… I can't find it, at least the last one

I can't find a list of future webinars and how I can attend to a live session. ( i'm not sure if are open session or how it works). Where I can find information related to future webinars and Illume sessions?

Thanks for your help,

Hello everyone ! I am new on this forum. My name is Sandra and I'm from France !
i cant find any webinars please help me
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