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Paul Griswold
In Softimage we could always freeze the modeling stack if things got slow, but other than locking a node at a particular point what else can you do?

I'm working on a model at the moment and Houdini has gotten to a near unusable state. I'm on a semi-decent machine with 32 gigs of ram and 2 Titan cards with multiple SSDs.

I'm pushing points around, and the viewport is stuttering and jittering.

I'm sure this is just a case of trying to do things the Softimage way inside of Houdini. I'm slowly making the transition..

Siavash Tehrani
Other than the time/memory hit you take from cooking the entire SOP net on first load, your node chain shouldn't really make a difference in interactivity. Is it an issue of the model being too heavy to smoothly edit? What is the point count and are there many attributes on the model?

One thing you can try is branching off parts of your model with the Split or Blast SOPs, working on them in isolation and then merging everything back together later.
Paul Griswold
I think the problem was not actually Houdini, but Microsoft deciding to run a Windows Update thread in the background. I noticed when I went to reboot my machine that it offered the option of update and restart.
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