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-Hi Bonsak! We've moved your posts for you. In the future, if you could start a new thread for a new issue, that would be great! Thanks!

Im trying the Deadline Scheduler with a simple rop geometry in tops, but i cant figure out how to correctly set the “localsharedroot” parm. This is on a local Deadline installation so the directory where the test file is located is rooted on C:. Ive tried alot of different combos of ‘C:’ ‘C’ ‘C:\’ ‘C:\\’ but i keep getting errors that the syntax is incorrect. I thought it would be the drive letter on windows but i cant figure it out
What is the correct syntax for “localsharedroot”


Try with forward slashes


Thanks, but it doesnt seem to make a difference:
Setting the path to:
Gives this error
WindowsError: The filename, directory name, or volume label syntax is incorrect: u'C:\\Users\\bonsak\\Desktop\\C:'
It seems weird that it adds C: at the end of the path
Setting the parm to:
gives this error:
WindowsError: The filename, directory name, or volume label syntax is incorrect: u'C:\\C:'


Actually its your working directory. Set that to relative folder (try temp for example). Its being appended to the Local Shared Root Path (in this case your $HIP).

I don't understand
Sorry for posting in the wrong thread.
I still cant figure out how to set this correctly. If the hipfile is located here: C:\Users\bonsak\Desktop\TestdeadlineTops
What should the Local Shared Root Path be set to.
This is a local Deadline installation on my laptop, so C: is accessible for the local slave. Repo path is C:\DeadlineRepository10

The Local Shared Root Path is your mounted directory that other slave machines can also access for files. Typically this is your shared drive that all render farm machines, and your own machine have mounted. Note that it should use forward slash in the path. An example would be:

The Working Directory is where the PDG temporary, intermediate, and results files will be generated in. This should be relative to your Local Shared Root Path, so that all slave machines can use the same directory to store and retrieve files. An example would be:
This would result in files being generated in:

The problem with using $HIP as your Working Directory was that it was appending an absolute path (your HIP file path) to the Local Shared Root Path. Change the Working Directory from $HIP to a relative path, and it should work.
Ah. Now i understand! Thanks!

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