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Full Version: Data is not passing in 'Static' workitem generation
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Hi SideFX,

Can you please explain, why do we have different data behaviour with static and dynamic generation?

For example:
We have ‘Python_Processor1’ and ‘Python_Processor2’, both are static work item generation.
'Python_Processor2' is connected to ‘Python_Processor1’.
'Python_Processor1' contains:
for i in [1]:
  new_item = item_holder.addWorkItem()'TEST','test_value',0)
'Python_Processor2' contains:
for i in [1]:
  new_item = item_holder.addWorkItem()

So if we middle clicks on workitem from ‘Python_Processor2’ we don't see any data from ‘Python_Processor1’ but if switch ‘Python_Processor2’ to Dynamic generation then we see ‘TEST’ data present.

Can you explain it, please?

When work items statically, your node has access to the full list of upstream work items. You need to tell PDG which upstream item is the parent of the item you're creating. For example:

for item in upstream_items:
  new_item = item_holder.addWorkItem(parent=item)

When generating dynamically there's always exactly 1 upstream item, so PDG is able to determine the parent item on its own.
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