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Full Version: Status check if failed, automaticly recook
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Maciej Jutrzenka
The problem i have is that as u can see some dots.. are not cooked correctly.. and they have status faild… And if i will click on it and choose recook they recook correctly… so is there way to somehow filter this… and tell program to cook again? any ideas?? i have idea to use filter by expresion and simply put status.. but don't know is this correct way.. and is status a variable that will be read… is there some correct way of doing this?

Also might be good idea… for tops… to try by itself once all is done to make again 1 pass… that u could set in settings. do you want extra check pass or not.
Yeah, I've this a few times myself, when we were trying to generate a lot of terrain data for ML. It's not TOPs, it's whatever process that TOPs is trying to run - in my case the failure rate was around 1/10000, and there is some bug we haven't caught in other parts of Houdini. If you want to be able to zero in on the problem, filter by expression is the recommended method. We'll look into an “auto-retry” type setting to handle occasionally glitchy child processes like your case.
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