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So I have an indie license at home, and an extra engine license, what is the magic combination of ENV variables to get the TOP's Geometry to work, right now I get fails jobs as I don't have a right license for ‘hython’?
Try with HOUDINI_SCRIPT_LICENSE set to “hbatch”.
Hi Again
Still not working when I set to hbatch
So the ROP Geometry TOP is using hython, and you can't run hython from a indie license right?
I believe you can use hython with Houdini Indie. Just tested it with Houdini Indie and Houdini Engine Indie licenses installed.
What does your license manager show? Can you try with a simple test geo like the rubber toy?

I'd recommend testing it manually by launching hython, then try loading the hip file, and cook it all via command line.
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