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Tyler Britton2
I was wondering how I would run a linux terminal bash script using PDG. Something like the Unix sop node, but in TOPS. It is just a one line script (it is actually just “deadlineslave” to start a Deadline slave on my workstation).
The Generic Generator node lets you run any executable that's on your PATH as a work item. If you want to actually use the shell itself, e.g. for piping between several executables, you'll need to run it with /bin/sh (or your shell of choice). For example, setting a Generic Generator's command field to /bin/sh -c “ls -la | grep *.txt”.

In you case though, you probably just want something like deadlineslave -nogui -name “somename”, which would work fine as long as the deadlineslave executable can be found on the PATH.
Tyler Britton2
Is there a way to run hscript commands in PDG as well, something like “opparm -c /out/mantra1 execute”.
I tried it with the Generic Generator with no success.
We don't have an hscript processor, I think you could do this using a pythonscript node (in-process), with

EDIT: But be careful because triggering a Houdini cook in the middle of a PDG cook is not something we've tested.
Tyler Britton2
Yeah it doesn't seem to work.

hou.hscript('opparm -c opparm -c /out/mantra1 execute')
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