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Full Version: Bug: Hqueue submission fails with exception
Root » PDG/TOPs » Bug: Hqueue submission fails with exception
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "/opt/software/hfs17.5/houdini/pdg/types/houdini/", line 775, in onSchedule
    "command": self._hqCommands(item_name, work_item.index, item_command),
  File "/opt/software/hfs17.5/houdini/pdg/types/houdini/", line 947, in _hqCommands
    linux_item_command = linux_item_command.replace('__PDG_PYTHON__', self.pythonBin('linux', False))
TypeError: pythonBin() takes exactly 2 arguments (3 given)
happens when I try to submit this file to Hqueue.

You'll likely need to change file paths in ROP TOPs if you want to test it yourself.

Note that this file was originally created in 17.5.124 and worked fine then. I've replaced both the ROP TOPs incase those changed, and deleted and add a new Hqueuescheduler as well just in case.

17.5.222 Linux (including Hqueue version)


Peter B
Apologies, that was a short-lived bug that's been fixed in 17.5.224+
OK thanks!
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