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Hey Guys, I am some playing with Wedges and I want make it animated, so the problem is I did animated attribute, but I cannot transfer it to ROP Geometry Output on Frame Range mode(I mean technically its works on generation but its a looot item workers), for example I have 24 frames of animation, but When I connect ROP Geometry Output(Cache2 on screen) its make a lot item workers for each frame and some information is fetching but its mess , and when I connect ROP Geometry Output(Cache3 on screen) with Single Frame mode its just keep frames on frame 1 and fetch animated attribute, YES its transfer attribute for every frame, and build exact amount frames, but its get me animation only on frame 1 (Because Frame Range is set for 1-1) !, so I am stuck!

So basically I need save amount frames with Animated attribute

Idea Build frames and Add Animation

I know exactly I need Animation on ROP GEOMETRY OUTPUT , but how to save amount frames and transfer attributes with that setup….

So Basically I need :
1) ROP Geometry Output keep with Frame Range mode
2) Transfer frame by frame and do not generate for every Frame additional animation
is this possible?

Just imagine situation, I am have Sim where I need gasturbulence and I want animate Scale attribute for 10 frames, and turn it off, with wedges its constant and no animation….

Alright, here example where it works, but its request manipulation.

its really great if we are have on PDG Transfer animation or use checkbox for animated wedge range
Because with this system when we use wedge its no animation its just simply static range of values and in the feature its uses like a static value.

I Tried make it animated inside TOP node and direct path for attribute where is no luck, but I see it might works its just need work with that in the feature and/or include that features, ofcourse if SideFx found that useful

anyways if anyone have suggestion, really good to know

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