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Full Version: RFE: DnD parms into Wedge TOPs
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Currently there is no easy way to get parms into a Wedge TOP other than doing a Drag and Drop and choosing “Absolute reference” then manually editing out the expression bits. The Parm chooser dialog is waaaay too slow in a file with 100's of nodes and many parms on each node.

RFE: Please add a new DnD “drop” action “Parm Path” that simply types in the path to the parm.


Peter B

This was one of my first impressions with PDG when I thought that this is a premature release…
Additionally not just slow but annoying and there is much higher chance for mistakes.

I think there would be better ways in terms of ergonomics. These path/expression stuff in the parameters feel obsolete tech from decades ago. Maybe it is not easy to implement a fully node based approach, but something similar to the Fabric (rather FabRIP) Engine would be great, an optional TOP view mode in the network editor with all the external connections, incoming at the left, outgoing at the right, like this: []
… and this could apply for other than TOP connections too.
Thanks guys. I've logged RFE 96658.
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