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I've got a TOPnet designed to spit out just over 200 sim variations. I don't want all these in a single contact sheet, so I've broken them into four separate contact sheets.

The first split evaluate for index ranges less than the first quarter threshold, the second for index ranges less than the second quarter threshold, and so on.

Does this graph logic look sound? Can't help but feel there should be a more efficient/better way to do this.

Maybe you could have an attribute that tags which variation should go in what contact sheet, and then partition by attribute?
That definitely sounds like a better way to handle image groups.

That would remove the splits, annnndddd…then I’d use a partition by attribute before the montage node? Or would a for loop with a single imagemagick montage node to create 4 different montage sequences based on the group attr work better?

I think it should happen before the partition by frame node. Basically the flow is to:

1) partition by attribute to figure out which movie an image should be in
2) partition by frame so all the images within the same movie and that has the same frame number are grouped together

3) run image magick to make the per frame contact sheet
4) wait for step 3 to fully complete (wait for all)
5) assemble the movie with the full list of results from step 3

I don't think you need to get into for loops for this workflow.
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