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Full Version: Why have "Reset $HIP on cook"?
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Hey, there. I ran into a problem with the ROP Mantra Render TOP where it was trying to execute a previous version of the hip file that didn't have the ROP in it yet. I was able to get it to update by turning on the “Reset $HIP on Cook” flag. My question is why have this option? I don't see how you'd ever want to execute on a different hip file than the current one? Was this just a strange case?


I think it's not that common, but sometimes you want the hip file to be copied to a working folder to be cooked, but you want all the $HIP references in that hip file to still point back to the original paths. That's what this option is for.
Ok, I see. If you have paths that use $HIP in it you'd want to use the original hip file as $HIP not the one that is copied to the temporary location. Maybe it was just a strange case I ran into then.
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