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Full Version: How can I set the default geometry parameters in the input box?
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Hi, I want to ask a question:
How can I set the default geometry parameters for HDA in the input box in the Unreal Engine?
Because from a user experience perspective, I think it's more troublesome to drag and drop the same geometry into the input box every time when using HDA.
So I want to give the user a preset to make it more convenient.
We're curious about this too. We'd like to set the default to Pack Geo before Merging. Anyway to control this?

We've actually added support for this in recent version of the plugin (from 17.5.322).

Geometry inputs can preset their default value:
- The inputs needs to be created from an object merge's objpath parameter (not a SOP input).
- When exposing the parameter, set its default value to a valid asset reference
(obtained via right clicking on the static mesh in the content browser, and choosing “copy reference”)
- After instantiating the HDA, the object should be selected by default
I tried doing this but the references don't seem to work. Are there any changes that need to be made to the object merge node's default settings?
Nothing special, just the default object merge value to the asset ref.

Here's a simple example
I tried too but its not doing anything, will continue to drag n drop each time
It's a fairly recent addition, so you need to have the plugin from H17.5.322+

Only works with geometry inputs created from an object merge input, as SOP inputs can't have a default value.
Well, I tried hard and achieved the result.
I changes the default path of the example hda from dpernuit to use default UE4 mesh which should exist within every UE4 build (just a cube).
I'll attach it here just in case.
Houdini 18.0.327, UE4.24
This did not seem to work unless the HDA parameter name had 'IN' in the name, like 'Object IN' in the example in the previous post. This might be obvious but it tripped me up for a while (at least I think that was the problem).

With that it works for me - sort of. Every time i drag my HDA into a scene it takes down the Houdini session. My default asset reference is to a data table. Perhaps there is a bug with data tables? If i restart the session it seems to wake up happily and take the default asset successfully and from there things work. So I believe my setup is correct.

However i cant ship this to users like this so I will revert back to manually selecting the data table every time for now.

Houdini 19.0.645, UE5.01
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