In the next 24 hours from this post I will premier a free tutorial on PDG fundamentals []

This is a tutorial on a boilerplate setup I've used as a basis for VFX production with PDG in houdini, and serves as a template for many use cases.

I produced it to intentionally cover areas I know I wanted to learn more about when I started implementing PDG in my day to day workflows, and how to predictably understand how it generates output with versioning.

I'll cover a common implementation of how to wedge for multiprocessing of elements and being able to explore parameter variations for each element. We use a data structure to support this workflow in most cases for flexibility. We will also cover how ensure per frame dependency for all variations is possible for rapid iteration with open gl flipbooks, introduce some basic version management ideas (which I'll extend upon in the future), and briefly discuss the implications of PDG and hybrid workflows between a local machine, farm, and cloud compute.

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Those funds primarily go toward supporting open source cloud infrastructure for VFX, and getting the most affordable rendering cost possible -

You can also get openfirehawk houdini tools here on github, which represent my current sandbox that I also use in production - []

I've been using PDG in my pipeline daily since its release a few months back from the date of this video here. Side FX implement rapid changes in PDG continuously, so some of the situations I discuss will likely no longer apply in time-
You will occasionally see some of my usage is not as efficient as it perhaps could be and there are existing RFE's for some of these areas encountered that I work around, none the less I observe rapid improvement in Side FX's implementation and dealing with these issues regularly.

I hope the devs might watch as well to observe some of my implementation to improve in some areas we bump into throughout this use case. Overall, its a good demonstration of the efficiency that is bound our way.