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I will cross post this topic also here to this forum maybe someone can help me. []

I try to find a way to display my renders with a logarithmic compression in the render view. Since mantra has no function to apply a color mapping directly to the image my idea was to do that with a LUT but it seems really hard to find a lut that is creating a “simple” logarithmic compression.

I tried to create a lut myself in cops with soft clip node which gives the desired results but unfortunately I canĀ“t create luts from that vopcop filter. Only from color correction operators.

I would be grateful for some help.

You can't create a lut from vop cop, but you can from a chop. What I've done before is create the lookup using vopchop, and then reference the chop using a lookup cop. Then you can save that as a lut.

You might want to look into the aces profile in the OCIO plugin. That has a built in tone curve.
hey jsmack,

Thank you very much for your reply. I had a look at the aces profile and installed it. Thats nice!!

The tip with chops is also very intersting. Is it enough to just create a vopchop in chops with the soft clip? Or do I need something else there? Right now it does not really use the copvop in the lookup cop. It gives me just black values.

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