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I run the Indie version and whenever I attach a material to an piece of geo in the Solaris context then hiplc changes to hipnc. So what's the deal with that?
Known issue. We're working on it.

EDIT: Fixed in today's cut of 18.0.306.
Oh good to know it's a bug. I thought it was licensing feature that I had missed while conscientiously studying the License Agreement.
This should be fixed for our first daily of h18.
I have the same issue on Linux, Change log for next release 18.0.303 has it in there. YAY
I hope it also resolves the slowness of Karma, now it eats 100% CPU (32-core Ryzen, Win10, see sig) and makes UI sluggish and also renders slowly (to clean), worse than (new) Mantra I hope I'm just doing something wrong.
I was hoping to see nice render speed like Clarisse which is also CPU render and works similar way but so far I am not convinced with Karma
Of course Karma is beta, I hope it is just that.

I'll be waiting eagerly for new update, the ‘non-commercial edition’ on Karma looks bad and especially the watermark on render as I pay for it…

But actually new Mantra looks great, it is MUCH faster and updates faster (only very simple tests but the difference is remarkable)
UPDATE: Well, Mantra is much better than before but still slow so I think I'll continue with Octane until Karma is fixed
same thing here. hip-files will save as hipnc instead of hiplc…
(also not convinced with karma render speed…in viewport its ok for lookdev, but final renders is too slow for production at the moment, hopefully it will run soon on gpus…waiting for redshift update)
I'm having the same problem. Seems to be related to USD activities (though my testing is still early).

I understand that it's a bug but are there conditions that flipping from an Indie Edition to a Non-Commercial Edition would happen normally?
To me it SEEMS that when you add the Karma node in LOP Network, the license status changes so it is obviously serious bug. But as Karma is so slow and clearly beta (crash easily, UI sluggish etc.), the license problem is not that significant currently

That's pity because I had big hopes for Karma and USD-system, as being used to Clarisse's great CPU renderer. So far the LOPs seem to be very complicated and needs extra work (e.g. using the old Material node in SOP does not work with LOPs so you need to make groups for primitives and then use the separate Material assign node to make the group-based materials. So you cannot use Import All in LOPs, you need to make Import SOP for each separate geometry/material).
Of course when more tutorials and documentation will come for LOPs it may be simpler than it looks now but still I'm not convinced yet

If anyone has other info or solutions to any of these problems, please share
@atnreg the Karma/LOPs license downgrade when using Indie is fixed in the first daily build. Sadly there is no workaround on your side to prevent this bug.

For Karma's performance and LOPs specific points I would suggest starting a new Forum post or emailing support so that the appropriate developers obtain your feedback.

My apologies for the inconvenience.
Houdini Indie 18.0.306 (Linux) seems to have fixed my issues.

Fixed :
Karma slowdowns after several hours of use.
License drop down to Non-commercial when adding a Karma node to LOPs

NOT Fixed :
When adding lights in LOPs I got a popup error, but the lights still work.
@leestrip - does your light linker work? getting python errors here

AttributeError: 'LightLinkerWidget' object has no attribute '_db'
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "/opt/houdini/Houdini18.0.306/houdini/python2.7libs/husdui/widgets/", line 766, in _new_source_collection_from_selection
    collection_name = self._get_new_collection_name(prim_path)
  File "/opt/houdini/Houdini18.0.306/houdini/python2.7libs/husdui/widgets/", line 772, in _get_new_collection_name
    collections = self._db.collectionsOnPrim(prim_path)
AttributeError: 'LightLinkerWidget' object has no attribute '_db'

EDIT: huh, LinkerLinkerLOP works though?
It seems fixed in 307 but is it meant to save files with a Houdini logo slapped on it (Indie version)?
It seems fixed in 307 but is it meant to save files with a Houdini logo slapped on it (Indie version)?

Definitely NOT so it is NOT fixed. Also I created camera in LOP Network but it is not available on viewport camera list. Tried many times, same result. Also Optix does not seem to work for disk render and not always update on viewport either.

To me it seems that Karma is not even beta yet, it is not yet usable and so I will use H18 for modeling and other stuff but render with Octane. I will get back to Karma (and LOPs) when it is actually working.

There are many very nice improvements in H18 (improved Bevel, Sweep etc. etc.) so I will use H18 of course and for other than Karma/LOPs it works fine so I'm happy with those
lso I created camera in LOP Network but it is not available on viewport camera list. Tried many times, same result

A camera connected to the LOP stream works fine.
Also I created camera in LOP Network but it is not available on viewport camera list. Tried many times, same result

A camera connected to the LOP stream works fine.

Nope, not this time/anymore (306 worked, 307 not).

In 308 it seems to work again but of course it was totally different session as well.

Karma still has too many issues, it cannot be used for anything real and STILL the Houdini logo renders on disk render image so it is unusable (I'm working on xmas cards so anyone can imagine how it would feel to get xmas card with Houdini logo on it…yes there are ways to cut it out but as Karma also lacks other important features like post-processing, even that would not help).

I understand it is beta (or more like alpha) but when the license bug was fixed, how this was not noticed? :O

Anyway, for now I'm done with Karma/LOPs, I have high hopes for them but it seems it will take quite a long time before it is actually useful to render inside Houdini (Mantra is better than before but still slow) Well actually I can, luckily with Octane but it is not technically inside Houdini

I hope to see working Karma soon, good luck for developers!
Just as additional info: I can save as hiplc but logo is slapped on both Karma and Prman render out products.
@Soothsayer please email support at Please make sure to include all relevant details, license diagnostics and images. Todays build should have fixed karma for all license types.
The Logo is gone from the renders in .309. Now I don't know if this is a bug or a feature but the render size seems limited to 1024*540. I use the renderproduct LOP to set the size (for prman23).

Edit: And Karma STILL has the logo on renders.
Has anyone tried .318? Just wondering if it's worth installing that build to try to resolve these issues, or am I better off just waiting for the next production build?
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