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Full Version: Pivot Painter won't work?
Root » Houdini for Realtime » Pivot Painter won't work?

I've tried to export "Interactive Grass Example“ to UE4.23 but can't get this work properly.

I've tried different import options (like ”scene convert“ on/off) - no luck at all.

Can you confirm please what ”pivot_painter_demoscene.hip" is still OK for export to UE4 please?

Were you able to get this to work?
I had the same problem that in unreal the whole object rotates as a whole and not the individual cubes.
I got to it work only when I made sure that the output node has name, N, uv, uv1 point attributes. But this replaced the vertex N attribute that I lost the real Normal values.

Actually just got it to work after exporting the pivotpainter node and not any nodes connected to it..
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