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I am trying to bring over a second set of vertex colors. I have tried bringing over those colors as ‘uv’, ‘Alpha’, ‘Illumination’ << these crash max. Tried these ‘uv1’, ‘uv11’,'uv99' and nothing seems to get marshalled over, not crashing at least. :/

Would love a HDA example of marshaling attributes from Houdini to 3ds Max to see if it is me or a bug. Running into lots of crashing, when trying different things.

P, N, UVs and Cd come over correctly.

Max 2018, Houdini 18.0.356
Is the HDA that you attached (zTester.hda) crashing for you?
@BrandonA no, but if you change the attribute ‘uv11’ to ‘Illumination’ it would. Might of been uv+ some other number, not at my computer at the moment.
The plugin should be able to import alpha, illumination, as well as all of the uv maps (uv..uv99).

I tried to reproduce the crash with the attached asset but was unable to. I also tried changing uv11 to illumination, but the illumination was showing up correctly in 3ds Max.

I will try a few more tests (I was investigating with 3ds Max 2019 but I will also try with 2018), but if you could also attach the HDA that is crashing for you, that would be super helpful!

Thank you!
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