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Full Version: Access to scripting Maya from inside HDA?
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After reading through the articles I could find on here, I see that some sort of scripting/hacking is needed to move Maya's current frame then cache a frame out etc to get animated outputs cached from inside the HDA.

Is there any way to script this from inside the HDA? I.e. is there Python/MEL access to Maya from inside the HDA?

If not, what is the best approach to this? I know virtually nothing about Maya but do have others around me who know it well


peter B

p.s. my first post in the Engine for Maya forum
We're running HARS in a separate process, so I was thinking RPC ports between Maya and “Houdini” (i.e Engine) might work?
Hi Peter,

I'm not quite sure what you mean by “getting animated outputs cached from inside the HDA.” Do you mean that you want to cache the output of the HDA per frame into something like an Alembic file?

And no, there is no supported way to embed Maya code in an HDA. The HDA is always cooked within Houdini - Maya simply sends and receives data.

In theory, it would be possible to put some python code into an HDA that would talk to Maya through the command port, but that is just asking for trouble.
Thanks John, that's kind of what we expected

Yes we want to write BGEO files via Geometry ROP from inside Engine. This works fine, if you advance the frame. So I guess it's a Maya side tool that would do that? That's fine btw, just wanted to explore all options.


Peter B
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