1. About us
2. Our team
3. Our project
4. Objectives and comparisons
5. Requirements

1. We are a small but very motivated developer team (no company) (hobby no profession) that wants to make their dreams come true and one day belong to the biggest and best developer studios. We exist since 28.7.2019!

2. We are currently a 9 man team consisting of 1 Leader, 3 Project Leader, 1 Web-Developer, 2 Python Programmer, 1 Designer, 2 Sound FX Creator.

3. Our project “Home of Heroes” (HoH) which we are implementing with the Unity Engine will be a medieval strategy game, where you can build your own village in pairs or alone and make it bigger and more powerful with improvements. Our project will be playable on mobile phones and for later versions it will also be playable on the pc.
With the game we want to target the young people/adults in particular.

4. Now to our goals, well we don't have big goals, except first of all. Only to bring us and the community a fair, fun, community based, qualitative game. That means, we don't want to bring out just any game that has been thrown away, and we want to listen to the community and not stubbornly follow through with our ideas like other game developers do, where disputes between the producer and the community arise, we want to show community closeness in order to better respond to wishes.

5. In itself we do not have big requirements:

- You should be at least 16 years old.
- You should know the basic knowledge in your field
- You should own Discord
- You should bring time, passion and patience
- You should have heard of Github and maybe even worked with it

Are you interested?
If you are interested in the project and would like to work on it, please contact us in our Discord and create a ticket where you introduce yourself briefly.
Discord: https://discord.gg/J2UFJGA [discord.gg]

We already have a website (which is still under construction)
website: https://www.dreamlifegames.com [www.dreamlifegames.com]

Kind regards from
DreamLife Games Team