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This generator creates a random construction based on the shape and size of the initial quadrangle (its shape is changed randomly by the Jitter seed parameter). The number of buildings included in the complex is regulated by the Iterations parameter. Other parameters affecting the overall shape: - Corner probability changes the number of corner constructions; - Resample range and Expand range adjust the size and frequency of buildings; - Extrude range changes the depth of buildings; - Random seed changes randomness. Each of these parameters is taken into account at each iteration of building construction. So, changing any of these parameters changes the construction at the first iteration, which leads to a change in the subsequent ones. In the general case, these parameters and the general Jitter seed change the randomness of the construction of the basic form for the entire building.

The distribution of the number of floor of buildings can change in two ways: from the center, or randomly.
From the center: the highest part is the base quadrangle, the remaining floors of buildings are distributed depending on the iteration at which these buildings were created. You can set the maximum and minimum number of floors, as well as affect the distribution of floors using a curve.
Random: the number of floor is set randomly for each building, you can set the minimum and maximum floor and change the Random seed.
The ground floor is set by a point whose location is changed by the Impact point translate parameter. Depth of influence is changed by the First floor spread parameter.

The place of construction of the main staircase is automatically selected depending on the distribution of the ground floor. Sometimes a staircase cannot be created due to the peculiarities of the basic shape (there will be intersections or very small sections). For the ground floor, you can change the shape of the bevel of the wall. There is a switch that sets the type of walls in buildings that have a different floor from the ground floor. UV with scale adjustment is assigned to all walls, a color is set for each building, decorative inserts can be changed, as well as windows and doors.
Wooden stairs and balconies are created spreading from buildings with a ground floor. On each floor, the generator will try to make one staircase from the balcony to another balcony, and for each individual balcony - a door. Separate balconies without stairs are created on the walls remote from buildings with a ground floor. Where possible, the generator can create a rope bridge between balconies located on the same floors. All elements are divided into groups, some of the groups can be colored by a generator.

The height of the roofs of buildings can vary depending on the area of the base. On the Roof tab, you can find two types of roof: Quad (quadrangular) and Hard (all others), each type changes independently. You can set the initial height value and adjust it using a curve. Roof inset, Random seed, Roof shift and Roof up parameters can be used to bend and adjust the shape of the roof. Roof balconies will be added automatically where the design and size of the roof allows.
The Use flag switch will add decorative flags to the roofs, here you can configure them by changing the radius of the search for the nearest attachment points (Search radius), the maximum sag (Down) and the number of ropes (Count).
The location of the balloon is selected based on the location of the roof balconies. If there is a balcony at a sufficient height - the balloon will be located next to it with a wooden staircase going to this balcony, if there are no balconies - the balloon will be located in any free place with a rope ladder. The size and shape of the ball can be adjusted and its location adjusted by hand.

In the generator of castles, I didn’t really like that all angles can be only 90 degrees, here I tried to fix it
I'm just starting to use Houdini and this is exactly why i want to learn it!
Any way to get my hand on this bad boy?? I wanna see how you did it.. I know it took crazy amount of time and you probably won't just share it, but still, worth a try..
I LOVE the style!!
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